• Teen receives priceless graduation gift from grandmother

    By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    At a time when graduation is over for high school seniors and they’re getting ready to take the next steps of their life, a recent graduate is reminiscing over a gift that was 18 years in the making.

    Maddie said she received a priceless gift from her grandmother Sandy, Yahoo reported.

    According to her Tweet, Maddie’s grandmother gave her two books.

    They were two journals, but they weren’t for Maddie to fill with her thoughts.



    The surprise was that Sandy had been writing in them, journaling since the day Maddie was born, February 20, 1999.

    The books also held the inscription: “To Maddie, 18 years of your life through my eyes and heart. Love Gramma.”

    Maddie said no one had known that Sandy was writing down her hopes, dreams and thoughts for her granddaughter.

    But the two have a special bond.

    Maddie told Yahoo that she was the first member of her family to accept her when she came out. They talk on the phone and has stayed in Sandy’s home when Maddie’s having issues with her family.

    The last entry was made on June 2, Maddie’s graduation day.

    Sandy told her granddaughter hoping to inspire Maddie, “This is my last entry. I do hope you enjoy this journal. I will miss writing about you, but I hope you continue to write about your life so maybe your kids can enjoy it one day. Love, Gramma.”



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