WATCH: Toddler rescued from hot car parked at Walmart as temperatures reach 90 degrees

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HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — It was a chaotic scene Tuesday evening in McDonough, Georgia, as officers and shoppers rescued a child who reportedly had been left in a hot car. The rescue happened at a Walmart parking lot.

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Cellphone video obtained by Atlanta's WSB-TV shows shoppers flagging down employees and calling 911 when they noticed the young boy asleep in the vehicle with its windows closed.

This happened as temperatures in metro Atlanta reached around 90 degrees, making it the hottest day of the year so far.

A witness who shared the video said the child appeared to be about 2 years old, and he was sweating.

Everyone helped to get water on the child while police waited for a parent to show up, which happened around 7:15 p.m., witnesses said.

A different video, taken later, shows police questioning the father in the parking lot.

Witnesses said the man was inside the store with two other children.

McDonough police arrested the father in the parking lot.

“There ain’t no excuse for leaving no kid in no car, especially in the heat out here,” shopper Noel Echevarria said.

The young boy was taken to a hospital by ambulance to be checked out further, but witnesses said he seemed to be OK.

“Car would be even hotter, like, in the 100s, probably feel like in the car, so thank God they found the kid,” Echevarria said.

Police haven't said yet what charges the father is facing and how long the boy was inside the car alone.