Facebook will allow turning off of political ads

Facebook will allow users to turn off political ads

You’re going to be able to control what you see on your Facebook page this election year.

Facebook announced that it will allow users in the United States to opt out from seeing social issue, electoral and political ads on both Facebook and Instagram, The New York Times reported.

The ads that would be able to be turned off could come from candidates, super PACs and organizations with “paid for by” disclaimers, CNBC reported. In addition to turning off the ads, they can also be reported to the platforms.

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At first, only a small group of users will be able to decide what they see. Then it will be rolled out to the rest of the U.S. before it is then introduced in other countries, the Times reported.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the option in a op-ed for USA Today.

The move comes after Twitter banned political ads last year, CNBC reported.

Zuckerberg’s company had said it was allowing politicians to run ads that contained false information, which had come under fire from activists, CNBC reported.

Presumptive Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden, has asked for fact-checking of advertisements after President Donald Trump’s campaign ran ads on Facebook that Biden said were false, the Times reported. At the same time Biden’s campaign has spent $5 million on Facebook advertising.

Zuckerberg had said that Facebook did not want to limit the speech of candidates, the Times reported.

FILE PHOTO: Facebook users will be able to op-out of political advertisements.
FILE PHOTO: Facebook users will be able to op-out of political advertisements. (Richard Drew/AP)