Man catches 112-pound catfish in Mississippi River

ST. LOUIS — A Missouri fisherman reeled in the catch of a lifetime — a 112-pound monster catfish.

Wade Kaminski fought for eight minutes to land the 5-foot-long blue catfish, KSDK reported.

“I initially thought I got into a snag,” Kaminski said. “I told my friend who was with me, ‘I’m either snagged or I’ve got a monster.’ It was the biggest and baddest fight I’ve ever been involved with.”

Kaminski had to use a different scale because the one on his boat only went to 100 pounds. The fish likely weighed more a few weeks ago before it had spawned.

Although one of the largest catfish any angler might reel in, it is not the state record. That belongs to a leviathan 130-pound blue catfish caught in 2010.

After weighing it and taking some photos with it, Kaminski released the fish back into the Mississippi.

“This was the one I’ve been chasing my whole life,” Kaminski said.