Rescuers help raccoon with peanut butter jar stuck on its head

Wildlife officials were there to lend a hand when a raccoon got itself into a sticky situation.

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Officials with the Cape Wildlife Center shared photos of the animal on Facebook, saying “This raccoon wasn’t feeling too smooth (or chunky for that matter) after getting his head stuck in a peanut butter jar.” The jar prevented the raccoon from getting food on its own, prompting rescuers to intervene.

The raccoon made things difficult for rescuers, escaping from wildlife officials and hiding in the woods under thick briar, WFXT reported. Wildlife officials were no longer able to see the animal, and left the area.

A homeowner nearby saw the animal the next day and alerted wildlife officials, WFXT reported.

Rescuers were able to get the raccoon by waiting in a thicket filled with thorns near the animal’s den, and using a pair of grabbers to take the jar off its head, WFXT reported.

Rescuers said after a quick breath of fresh air, the raccoon returned to its den.

In its Facebook post, the Cape Wildlife Center said: “This little masked bandit got lucky but unfortunately this is a common occurrence with raccoons and other species that frequent garbage and recycling bins looking for food. Please remember to secure bins tightly and wash out containers and jars completely so they don’t attract unwanted diners.”