Snake builds nest in a power outlet at South Carolina home

CHARLESTON, S.C. — A South Carolina homeowner was shocked to learn that a rat snake had transformed a power outlet into a nest.

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David Adams, of Alpha Wildlife, said he found the reptile in a Charleston home several weeks ago, along with eggs hidden behind the outlet, WCSC reported.

Alpha Wildlife is an organization that humanely removes animals from homes and residential properties. Adams said the 2-foot-long rat snake was captured and released in a habitat about 25 miles from Charleston, WYFF reported.

“The snake was a rat snake and she had laid her eggs, about 15-20, in the outlet, which was really interesting,” Adams said. “When you popped off the cover, there were all these little gems. They looked like porcelain eggs. They were really cool -- and they had all hatched.

“I don’t know where the babies went but we had to trap them.”

A snake inside a power outlet might seem unusual, but Adams said it is a common occurrence.

“It’s more common than you would think. Snakes are going after rodents and that’s why they are attracted to your house,” Adams said. “We have a large problem with rodents in the Lowcountry. So, it’s very common for somebody to find a snake within their house.”

Adams said people should not fear nonvenomous snakes, WYFF reported.

“Snakes are very, very timid. They do not want to be around you at all. As soon as they feel you coming through the vibrations, they are going to try to get away as fast as possible,” Adams said. “Snakes in general, with the exception of the venomous ones, are good snakes. They are there for a reason. They are good for our environment. They are good for the food chain. They are not bad. They are not going to hurt you.”