Triathlete runs from Disneyland to Disney World for diabetes awareness

A 59-year-old triathlete ran from Disneyland in California to Disney World in Florida to raise awareness about Type I diabetes.

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Don Muchow, a marketing director from Texas, was diagnosed with the blood sugar disorder as a youth, WFTV reported. A gym teacher told him to avoid exercise to reduce his risk of low blood sugar levels. That recommendation later led to other health issues. In 2003, Muchow was 50 pounds overweight and beset with serious diabetic complications.

“By then, I knew that my gym teacher was wrong. I knew that exercise was crucial in helping Type 1 diabetics stay healthy, control blood sugar and minimize complications,” he said.

Muchow made lifestyle changes and became a triathlete, competing in numerous triathlons, ultramarathons, bike rallies and half-marathons since then.

In February 2020, Muchow initially plotted a trip from California to the Atlantic Coast of Florida. As he started finalizing the plans, he decided to run from one park to the other.

Over the next year he ran the nearly 2,800 miles from Anaheim to Orlando. On Monday, he made it to Disney World. Cast members and guests lined the park entrance cheering him. On Wednesday, he arrived in Melbourne Beach to complete his journey.

“There is always, always a way forward,” he said on social media. “Past the justified fear of lows and highs. The diagnosis is the beginning, not the end.”