Tupperware has resurgence due to coronavirus pandemic

Tupperware has resurgence due to pandemic

Tupperware may have been a staple in your parents' kitchen, but the plastic food storage system may have become more scarce in our modern kitchen.

But because of the coronavirus pandemic, Tupperware is making a comeback.

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As most of America couldn’t run to their local restaurants as the nation shut down, more people were cooking at home and, by extension, having to find a way to store all the leftovers.

Over the past five or more years, Tupperware has been having negative sales growth, The Associated Press reported.

But 2020 brought good financial news for the company.

Tupperware has posted a $34.4 million profit for the third quarter, the AP reported.

Tupperware isn’t alone in bringing in large profits during the pandemic.

Companies like Netflix, Peloton and Hasbro have also profited over the past few months, NPR reported.

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