Utah health department info shows which zodiac sign is most likely to get a COVID vaccine

If your astrological sign is Leo and you live in Salt Lake County, Utah, there is a good chance you are vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

If you’re a Scorpio, not so much.

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An analysis of COVID-19 immunizations and population data released by the Salt Lake County (Utah) Health Department, broken down by the signs of the zodiac, found that those born under the sign of Leo (between July 22 and Aug. 23) represented 70% of people fully vaccinated in the county.

For Scorpios, born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 22, the rate of those fully vaccinated was 46%.

The analysis looked at more than 684,000 residents of the county. The health department tweeted the results of the analysis on Tuesday.

The results showed that Virgos and Scorpios who live in the county are less likely to get vaccinated against COVID-19, while Aquarians joined Leos in being more likely to get the shot.

Health department spokesman Nicholas Rupp told the Salt Lake Times that the agency made the chart, Rupp said, because “we do have message fatigue around vaccines ... Obviously, it’s not super scientific because we are talking astrology.”

The proportion of zodiac signs of people fully vaccinated broke down like this:

Leo – 70%

Aquarius – 67%

Aries – 59%

Sagittarius – 59%

Cancer – 58%

Taurus – 56%

Gemini – 55%

Libra – 54%

Pisces – 51%

Capricorn – 51%

Virgo – 50%

Scorpio – 46%