Video shows police officer save choking infant’s life

MONROE, Mich. — A police officer is credited with saving the life of a choking infant who stopped breathing, and the rescue was caught on camera.

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The Monroe Police Department shared video from the officer’s body camera, which shows him arriving at a home in Monroe on Sept. 5.

“It was probably 15 minutes until the end of my shift,” Jordan Patterson, the rookie officer who saved the baby’s life, told WXYZ. “I was putting my gear away and that call comes out: baby unresponsive.”

The baby’s father, Ricardo Wilkerson, told WJBK that he had been cooking dinner when the baby stopped breathing.

“All of a sudden I heard my mother-in-law come running outside, hollering out ‘not breathing!’ So I’m like, ‘Not breathing, who?’ So I literally hurdled that rail, ran in the house, she was literally sitting on the couch like this just holding my baby,” Wilkerson told WJBK. “She was red in the face. I could tell she wasn’t breathing.”

Patterson raced to the scene, and the video from his body camera shows him putting on gloves as an adult brings the unresponsive baby over to him. The child, named Ella Rose and only five weeks old, was not breathing. The video shows Patterson tapping the infant’s back before it begins to move and cry.

“I grabbed the baby. I did some back blows. It sounded like (the baby) started coughing it up but still wasn’t fully breathing but that’s when dad suction cupped what was in (her) mouth and that’s when the baby started crying,” Patterson told WXYZ.

Ella’s parents told WJBK that the infant is doing just fine.

The rescue wasn’t Patterson’s first. Despite the fact that he’s been on the job for less than a year, Patterson said he has rescued two infants.

“I remember in the academy they were teaching us for like a month first aid on infants, adults, children and I thought, ‘No way am I ever going to have to use this, maybe once in my career,’” Patterson told WXYZ. “It feels good because hard work actually paid off and I’m glad I was able to assist that family. It’s why I got into this job.”

Patterson was given an award for his lifesaving actions, WJBK reported.