• Uniontown Ninja Spoof Created By State Police Cpl.

    UNIONTOWN, Pa.,None - Police in South Union Township said a man dressed as a ninja broke into nearly a dozen cars before trying to stab a man who confronted him last month.

    Shortly after it happened, a YouTube video was posted that parodied the incident, showing a ninja dressed in black asking police to back off from their investigation while demanding a case of Milwaukee's Best beer.

    Channel 11 News, with help from TribLIVE, confirmed on Friday that the star of the video is a state police corporal who is working the crime.

    Chuck Frey, the crime supervisor at the Uniontown Barracks, said he created the video and doesn't see anything wrong with it.

    Frey said he was just making fun of a stupid criminal and said it was all done in good taste. Frey said he's hopeful that his department may develop some leads from people who have watched the video.

    The video was created on his own time, with his own equipment, Frey said.

    State police did not comment on the video. The real Uniontown ninja has not been caught.

    Watch the video below:

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