• UPMC has plan if someone comes into one of its hospitals with Ebola symptoms


    PITTSBURGH - UPMC health officials in Pittsburgh said they have a plan if someone comes into one of their hospitals with Ebola symptoms.

    “In the event we had a patient or a suspected patient, we would be completely prepared to handle the patient,” said Medical Director of Infectious Prevention Carlene Muto.

    Muto said all doctors have been given guidelines of what to do.

    “The first thing we do is make sure the patient is properly isolated,” said Muto.

    Ebola is transmitted by coming in contact with blood or bodily fluids, so Muto said a person with a suspected case would be put in a room with special air circulation.

    Workers would protect themselves with special clothing and boots.

    “These are trauma boots, and they will completely cover her feet and legs,” said Muto.

    Doctors and nurses would wear respirators.

    “It filters viruses to 99.99 percent, so nothing can get through that,” said Muto.

    Gloves are tested so they don’t tear, and if the protective gear gets soiled, it’s thrown out with the medical waste.

    A person with Ebola symptoms would remain in isolation until tests are completed.

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    UPMC has plan if someone comes into one of its hospitals with Ebola symptoms

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