USPS to resume mail delivery on Pittsburgh street after deeming it ‘too hazardous'

PITTSBURGH — After the U.S. Postal Service sent out letters Friday that deemed a Pittsburgh street unsafe for mail delivery, Channel 11 News contacted the USPS for answers.

Residents living along Webster Avenue in the city’s Hill District neighborhood told Channel 11 News that they found out in the letter that they would no longer have mail delivery.

“It was very shocking as it is to all of my neighbors,” resident Carl Truss said.

The letter said a safety investigation deemed 3504 Webster Avenue to 3548 Webster Avenue “too hazardous” that a postal carrier was nearly struck by a vehicle on numerous occasions.

“There was no warning in advance. We weren't a part of any investigation or any type of study at all,” Truss aid.

Truss said he and his neighbors already worked to make the street as safe as possible, including the creation of a gravel lot for parking, which he said postal carriers are free to use. He said they’ve also allowed postal carriers to park in their driveways and walk across their lawns.

“It's been like that for years,” Truss said.

After asking about the lack of mail delivery on Webster Avenue, Channel 11 News learned that USPS will resume mail delivery Tuesday.

“We instill the importance of safety with all out employees and certainly delivery employees,” a statement from USPS read, in part. “We will work with the residents and the city to try to resolve a safer situation. We regret any inconvenience to our customers.”