Veterinarians believe euthanized cat was poisoned with antifreeze

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — Veterinarians at a Washington County vet clinic said they believe a cat that they were forced to euthanize was poisoned with antifreeze.

Michael Smith, who owned the cat named Ollie, said he and his mother called for the cat around 8 p.m. Tuesday. When Ollie didn’t return home, they went looking for him.%



“We saw Ollie. He was laying on the driveway next door to us. He wasn't moving. We were trying calling him. We fed him. He got up and just fell back down,” Smith said.

Smith and his mother rushed the car from the Glen Meadows Mobile Home Park in Amwell Township to the Fix ‘Ur Pet Animal Clinic in North Strabane.

“When we were taking him into car he was having a mini-seizure. It brought tears down my face,” Smith said.

Veterinarian staff members told Channel 11 News that Ollie’s death is suspicious, saying blood work appeared to indicate that the cat was poisoned with antifreeze. They said they’ll know the definitive cause of death within 48 hours after necropsy results come back.

Smith said his mother is heartbroken.

“She was crying her eyes out when she found out we had to put him to sleep,” he said.

Animal rescue workers went door-to-door Tuesday night through the family’s community and learned that a dog had similar symptoms when it died last week. The dog lived just one street over from where Ollie was found.

As word spread through the community, pet owners voiced their anger and concern.

“I would harm somebody if they would harm one of my animals. They are like family,” Melissa Zelenka said. “I hope they are found and immediately because if something happens to my dog, they'll be sorry I find them first.”

A $750 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in the case.