Video of school bus brawl prompts Woodland Hills School District to consider change

PITTSBURGH — Woodland Hills School District officials are working to prevent violence from happening on school buses as students head to and from school.

A video obtained by Channel 11 News on Monday showed students on a school bus fighting each other on their way to class. The video is believed to have been filmed last Friday.


The plan would allow teachers, administrators and paraprofessionals to ride the buses to school with the students to monitor and work on their behavior.

For Nicole Neal, a parent, seeing the video that her son recorded was the final straw.

"He was recording because things like that happen all the time on that bus," Neal said.

Neal's 12-year-old son has been attacked in school bus fights as well.

"On the way off the bus one day, three of them punch him in the back of the head," Neal said. "We have a pending case against, so those kids are now off the bus."

Woodland Hills Superintendent Alan Johnson told Channel 11 News that the district had a similar incident in November, which resulted in several suspensions and an expulsion.

"There is a major issue confronting our school district. We need to do something about it," Johnson said.

Teachers and aides will volunteer for  the Peaceful Bus program and will be compensated.