• Washington Co. Coroner Says Drug Overdose Deaths Rapidly Increasing

    MCDONALD, Pa.,None - Washington County Coroner Tim Warco said he's responded to four drug overdose deaths since Friday.

    On Wednesday, he was called to a home on South McDonald Street after a young woman died of a heroin overdose.

    "There were a number of individuals and obviously they were having a heroin party," Warco said. "Unfortunately, this is our fourth heroin death since Friday; two in Canonsburg, one in Donora and now in McDonald.

    McDonald Borough police said they found hundreds of used heroin bags, needles, a syringe full of blood, a syringe full of heroin and a crack pipe inside of the home.

    "This is a horrific scene. I got over 500 packs of heroin at this residence," said Warco.

    Police said they made three arrests, including two women from Pittsburgh and a man from Brownsville.

    A couple who just moved into the apartment complex said they woke up to learn about their neighbor's death.

    "People got to stop doing drugs. A lot more people are going to die. They are bad for you," said neighbor Justin Kriest.

    Warco said he want to send a strong and clear message to people in the community and wants those who are addicted to drugs to seek help before it's too late.

    "It's a terrible situation here in Washington County. But it's not just here. It's an epidemic throughout the state. Not sure what can be done about it," said Warco. "My major message to anyone doing heroin is be careful. Seek help immediately because you can die."

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