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Members of Congress question postal service efficiency regarding election mail-in ballots

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Some members of Congress this week called for an investigation into why mail delivery slowed down in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 3 election.

Since then, President Donald Trump has lost or withdrawn dozens of court filings, with many of the claims revolving around mail-in voting.

Mark Dimondstein, head of the American Postal Workers Union, said the U.S. Postal Service did its own checks for fraud in the days after the election, something that hasn’t previously been done.

“There’s absolutely no such, no systemic flaw for fraud, and we saw nothing in the work that we did,” said Dimondstein.

A record number of more than 100 million people voted early in the 2020 election — either in person or by mail.

Postal workers believe those numbers will continue to rise in future elections.

“We expect, in the future, that that vote-by-mail will be even more popular as we go forward because people had a very good experience with it,” Dimondstein said.

Despite the historic volume of election mail, the Postal Service reported it ended the fiscal year with losses totaling more than $9 billion.