• Wecht: Prince's death is likely drug-related


    Famed forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht said Prince’s death appears to have been the result of a drug overdose, NBC News reports.

    "I would give overwhelming odds that, tragically, this is a drug death," Cyril Wecht told NBC's TODAY. He is not involved in Prince’s case.

    The 57-year-old superstar was found dead in an elevator at his estate in Minneapolis Thursday. Police said there were no signs of trauma.

    "When you rule out foul play, when there is no history of any kind of significant disease … heart and lung … when you rule out any kind of intervention, anything of an environmental nature, you come down to an autopsy that is essentially negative … and that probably means drugs," added Wecht, whose worked on some of the nation's most high-profile autopsies. He is the former Allegheny County medical examiner.

    Wecht said the emergency landing of Prince’s private jet last week for a medical reason "fits into the drug picture."

    "I cannot think of any medical or pathological condition that fits that kind of scenario, with incredible ups and downs … other than drugs," he told NBC News.

    Autopsy results are not expected to be released until next week.

    Prince's publicist says the music superstar's remains have been cremated and a small group of family, friends and musicians have celebrated his life in a private ceremony.

    Yvette Noel-Schure said in a statement Saturday that Prince's remains have been cremated and their "final storage" will be private.

    Meanwhile, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE planned to dedicate its telecast to Prince highlighting many memorable moments from his iconic appearances on the show over the past 40 years


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    Wecht: Prince's death is likely drug-related

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