• Wedding brawl leads to several arrests including off-duty state trooper


    PITTSBURGH - According to officials, a fight broke out at a wedding over the weekend leading to several arrests including an off-duty state trooper.

    The bride and groom got married on the Gateway Clipper Sunday, but the bride went home alone as her husband was taken to jail after the fight.

    Police say it started after a server told them the groom, Mark Williams of Pittsburgh, was touching her inappropriately at his wedding.

    According to a criminal complaint obtained by WPXI, Williams groped the waitress on her side and hip and attempted to pour alcohol down her throat even though she told him she was pregnant. The waitress apparently contacted her boyfriend to tell him about the assault.

    Once the boat reached the dock, the boyfriend of the server apparently confronted Williams and a fight broke out, according to the complaint.

    Williams was arrested and charged with riots, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, harassment, and public drunkenness, according to police.

    The groom's brother, David Williams, an off-duty state trooper, was also arrested for his part in the fight as well as obstructing law enforcement and resisting arrest. According to police, he's accused of hitting a responding officer in the arm, was taken to the ground, and continued resisting.

    Officers said Brian Taylor was arrested in connection with the altercation.

    The three are expected to appear in court next week.

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