• Woman catches standoff between two coyotes, mountain lion on video


    LOS GATOS, Calif. - "It reminds me of my youth, watching 'Animal Kingdom,'" Monica Hylbert told KGO.   

    Hylbert wasn't just watching it, she was living it Friday morning when she heard strange sounds coming from her backyard in the foothills of Los Gatos.

    "Just after seven (7 a.m.), I heard growling with the yipping of coyotes," said Hylbert.

    Two coyotes were caught in a tense standoff with a mountain lion. In video Hylbert shot on her phone, the coyotes appear to work together to corral the big cat and stop it from moving forward.


    "I was pretty calm about it 'cause I didn't feel threatened. I was just intrigued about what was happening. It was obvious the coyotes were trying to protect something," said Hylbert.

    The dramatic scene lasted about a minute. She stopped recording just as the big cat was about to pounce.

    "As soon as it started to pounce, that's when I panicked and shut the door. Ended up shaking for about five minutes," said Hylbert.

    The mountain lion and coyotes retreated into open space, but the next morning the Hylbert's security camera captured what looked like the same mountain lion returning.

    Mountain lion sightings are rare but not unusual in the foothills. In fact, earlier this month, there was a sighting of a big cat in the same neighborhood.

    "This is their country. We just happen to be here stewards for them," said Hylbert.



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