• Owner arrested after dog attacks woman who was jogging in Ambridge


    AMBRIDGE, Pa. - The owner of a dog that attacked a woman and her own dog while jogging Wednesday in Ambridge has been arrested.

    Police said Shannon Garveys was hospitalized after she was attacked by a dog while she was jogging on 14th Street in her Ambridge neighborhood with her dog, Sport. 

    “He jumped me (and) bit into my shoulder. I fell to the ground. He pulled me into the mulch,” she said.

    Garveys spent Wednesday night in surgery. She said the dog bit down to her shoulder bone, tearing tendons and muscles. 

    “Thank God I carry a weapon. I had a knife and I just started stabbing him,” she said.

    Garveys said she and her dog were both attacked, and the owner saw the attack and never helped.

    “She looked at me and said, ‘You can't do anything to me. You can sue. I have no money,’” Garveys said.

    The dog’s owner, Jennifer Krummert, was arrested Friday. Ambridge police said she was known from previous incidents involving her dogs.

    “I'm mortified by what happened,” Krummert told Channel 11 News.

    She claims that she helped Garveys.

    “Yes I did. Ask the cops. I'm the one who held the towel on her,” Krummert said.

    However, police said that wasn’t the case.

    “This was a vicious attack. We had to do something. She's going to jail tonight and, unfortunately, were putting these dogs down,”

    Krummert was on probation after the same dog attacked a man last year, according to police. The victim had to get on top of a car to get away from the dog.

    Police said Krummert was supposed to keep her dogs muzzled and leashed if they were outside, but that didn’t happen.

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