WPXI-TV Weather iPad App Help Page

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact our 24/7 support team through the email support link just below the help item in the support menu.

1. What happens when I buy the full alert package?

By default, you get push notifications for free for life-threatening weather alerts including Tornado Watches/Warnings, Severe Thunderstorm Watches/Warnings, and Flash Flood Watches/Warnings. When you purchase the full alert package, you will be given access to push notifications for 114 alert types, including five types of thunderstorms and tornado alerts, 11 types of flood alerts, 16 types of winter and snow alerts, 16 types of ice and freezing alert types, fog, fire, wind, hurricane & tropical, coastal & marine and other alert types. You will also get access to those watches and warnings as layers in the default radar map. This allows you to see if your saved locations fall within a watch or warning area. The fee is one-time-only. It covers server and maintenance costs to deliver alerts to your device seconds after they are issued by the National Weather Service. Please note that advertisements will remain in the application after the purchase.

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2. How do I add, remove or manage my locations?

Add or remove locations by tapping on the location (city name) listed in the upper-left corner of the app, then on "Edit." You may enter a city, state or postal code. A map will appear with a pin and box around it. You may then tap and hold the pin to select it and move it to a specific location. You may give the location a nickname before saving it. The square that appears around the pin defines the area for which you will be alerted. You can remove a location by clicking on the "Edit" button at the top and then tapping the red minus icon to the left of any locations you wish to remove.

3. I think I'm not getting alerts. What do I do?

a. Check your alert Settings. Tap the gears icon in the lower-left corner of the app, tap "Notifications," and review the alerts currently selected. From here, you can specify the types of alerts you receive by turning them on or off.

b. Check your interactive radar to see if you are in a watch or warning area. Unlike many other systems available to consumers, this application is very precise. This means you will only receive alerts if your saved location falls inside a watch/warning box. Most other alerting services are county-based and sometimes you will receive alerts that do not actually affect you. If you are alerted from another service but do not get an alert from WPXI Weather, please check the interactive map to see if any saved locations (pins) are inside an affected area.

4. I heard sirens but this app didn't go off! -- OR -- Another app sent me an alert, why didn't this one?

Please see the item above for instructions to make sure it is functioning properly. Also, this is a great example why users should check the interactive map if they think they may be missing alerts or if legacy alert systems say they are under an alert. WPXI Weather alerts you when a saved location falls inside a watch or warning box. Other alerting systems may alert you even if you are outside of the watch or warning box but inside an affected county. Conclusion: Always check to see if your saved locations are inside the watch and warning box.

Our support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and can double check if your location fell within a watch or warning area.

5. Why doesn't Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) work?

See above. As well, there are a couple of things that could prevent you from receiving APNS alerts.

a. In your device Settings, select notifications, and scroll down until you see WPXI Weather. Select that application and make sure notifications are turned on.

b. Also, inside the application, tap the gears icon in the lower-left corner of the app, select notifications and make sure your alert types have checkmarks next to them.

c. Another reason you may not get APNS alerts is due to WiFi security settings. Some companies block the delivery of APNS alerts. Turn off WiFi or check with the firewall administrator to see if this is the case.

d. If you are using WiFi, it is possible you are connected to the router, but the router is not connected to the Internet. You can check to see if your router is connected to the Internet by opening a browser on your device and visiting a website.

6. Why don't I see any data? Why does the app display an error message?

Your device likely does not have a reliable Internet connection, so the app is unable to receive data. The app will automatically receive data again once your device has reestablished a WiFi or cellular Internet connection.

7. Why does the application want to know my current location?

WPXI Weather can display your current location. You can also find your current location, so it can be added to your saved locations for alerts.

8. How do I animate or loop the radar?

Click the play button, that looks like a triangle, from the toolbar.

9. How do I know the radar or satellite data are current?

Look at the timestamp at the bottom right of the map. Radar data is updated every five minutes and the satellite data is updated every 15 minutes. Both will update automatically without restarting the app.

10. Can I change the radar or satellite so that I can see the map better?

Tap the info button, labeled "i" in the toolbar. A popup will appear. Drag the "Weather Opacity" slider to the left to make the data more transparent or drag to the right to make the data less transparent.

11. Can I have the "satellite" view of the background map?

Tap the "i" in the toolbar to reveal the map settings. You may choose "Standard," "Satellite" or "Hybrid."

12. Can I switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

Not at this time.

13. I'm receiving alerts that I don't want. How do I stop them? Click on the Gears icon in the bottom-left of the app and then choose "Notifications."

You can toggle the alerts to on or off by tapping on alerts you wish to receive. Checkmarks indicate the alerts that are turned on for your device.

14. I used the Find Me functionality, but I don't think the location is accurate. Why is this?

WiFi iPad devices cannot use cell towers to fix a location, so they will be less accurate. Also, if Location Based Services (LBS) is off, your location fix will not be as accurate. If the location is inaccurate, you can always change the boxed location by tapping on the green pin and moving it to the correct location. The location box will then be repositioned to better reflect your current location.

15. I appear to get duplicate alerts or sometimes I don't get every alert. Why?

Based on how Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) works, if the same alert is issued for multiple locations at the same exact time, the end user receives one alert. If the same alert is issued for multiple locations at different times, the end user will receive multiple alerts.

16. I see alerts, but I don't hear the alert sound.

Go to your device Settings >> Notifications >> WPXI Weather to make sure Notification Center is "On." You can also check and make sure Sounds are "On."

Please make sure that the audio button on the side of the device is not in the mute position. If that button is set to mute, you will still be able to listen to the forecast, but you will not hear the beeps from alerts.