• WPXI's talent shares prom memories




    High school:  Sacred Heart of Mary in Rolling Meadow, Illinois

    What was your high school prom like?  My high school was all female. There were girls who had dates, but those that did not came too.  The gals outnumbered the guys, for sure. 

    What did you wear?  My dad was in the clothing industry, and I wore a dress from his samples.  It was  designed by Bob Mackie, who at the time was pretty famous.  I remember it was striped and had a triangle shaped cutout.  I was worried the nuns would send me home, but they didn't. 

    What songs did you dance to? Well, I remember the theme was "Stairway to Heaven," so I am sure the band played that.



    High school: Northampton Area Senior High School

    What was your high school prom like? Our Prom was held at the Community Center, and I cannot think of the theme.   Although, I remember silver, black and purple being the colors.

    What did you wear? I wore a black straight dress with sequin bars going up and down the sides.

    What songs did you dance to? I know Boys II Men was really popular my senior yeaR.  Their version of “In the still of the Night” might have even been our theme.

    Good memory? The only thing I said to my date all night was, “Can you pass me the carrots?”  We went as friends, and he had just started dating a girl from another school.  He left to spend the night with her, and I just hung out with my friends for the rest of the prom.  It was actually a lot more fun that way.  An interesting side note ... after all these years, the "date” tracked me down to working at WPXI and sent me an email.



    High school: Buffalo Seminary

    What was your high school prom like? The theme of my prom was "Oh, What a Night!" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  I remember our class thinking that was super creative. 

    What did you wear? I wore a floral white taffeta dress.  It was off the shoulder, and it had hot pink large flowers on it.  I remember I bucked the trend, and it was above the knee.  Remember tea length? I think that’s what most of the girls wore.

    What songs did you dance to? Well, of course we danced to "Oh, what a night."

    Good memory? I remember about 10 of us went to my house first, and we invited all of the parents, too.  We all lined out outside (I believe there was a lot of florals going on), and took pictures.  We left in a limo bus to the prom, and I think all of the parents hung out for a while.



    High school: Woodland Hills

    Where was your high school prom like?  Omni William Penn hotel 

    What did you wear?  A pale pink long dress

    What songs did you dance to? Hmm probably Prince's 1999

    Good memory? Great memory!



    Just to give you some background, tuxedos and I don't have a great relationship. Junior year, I showed up to my date's house late for pictures because my suit wasn't the right size. I drove to my date's house with part of my tux on. My friends helped me get dressed behind my car while our dates and parents looked on!

    So for senior year, I made sure to get everything in advance and promised EVERYONE I would be there to take pictures on time! Well, that didn't happen!

    I went to the tuxedo shop to pick up my tux for prom around 11 the morning of prom. The owner tells me he forgot to order my tux! I ordered an untraditional white tux because I wanted to impress my date and all my friends. The shop owner scrambled to place in an order. He told me it would be in around 5:30 p.m. That was fine except I was supposed to meet my date and friends for pictures at 5.

    Five-thirty rolls around, and I rushed to pick up my tuxedo. I'm scrambling to put on my clothes. Fortunately, it all fit. When I go to meet my date and our friends, about 15 couples are waiting on me as I get out of my car. Turns out, they already took most of their pictures. I was there for the last handful. While it wasn't the best start, the rest of the night went off without any trouble!



    High school: North Allegheny

    What was your high school prom like? I forget the theme, but I know it was at the Omni William Penn in downtown Pittsburgh.  I went with a friend whose girlfriend ended up going.  He and the girl started dating right before prom.  I spent the night dancing with my friends.  After prom was at our high school until 5 a.m.  It had a casino theme.  My dad dealt blackjack (fake blackjack, of course).  He was a big hit.

    What did you wear? I wore a white floor-length gown with cutouts.  I designed it and had it made for another event prior to prom.  I wore it again because I liked it so much.  

    What songs did you dance to? Oh gosh ... What was popular in 1999?  I probably danced to some Britney Spears and Ricky Martin jams.  I like to be silly and dance to songs with a beat.  Slow dances aren't really my thing although I remember acting out "All My Life" by K-Ci & JoJo with my best friend.

    Good memory? Was it romantic?  Heck no.  Did I dance and have fun?  Oh yes!



    High School: Cheswick Christian Academy

    What was your high school prom like? I went to a small, private school, so our prom was really fun. It felt more like a dance party with 100 of my closest friends.  I can’t quite remember the theme. I want to say it was called something like “A Night to Remember,” ironically enough.

    What did you wear? I wore a pretty fancy Mandarin tuxedo. It may not be in style now, but I forewent a bowtie and wore a button cover. The vest matched the color of my date’s light blue dress. Thankfully, it was a rented tux.  I danced so much that night, I am pretty sure the tuxedo had to be professionally fumigated when I returned it.

    What songs did you dance to? “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” by The Offspring and anything you can do “the robot” to.

    Good memory? It was a really fun experience.

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