Local football star uses cosmetology to give back to community

McKeesport LB studying cosmetology before hitting the football field

MCKEESPORT — When the bell rings at the end of the school day, most high schoolers aren’t cleaning up their work stations in cosmetology class, then heading to football practice.

But for McKeesport linebacker Aundre Robinson, that’s just part of his daily routine.

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“Having that skill, you know people can come and ‘come on Dre, hook me up, have me looking fresh.,'" he said.

For the most part, Aundre Robinson’s school day is like any other high school senior’s. English, anatomy and an elective or two. Except that elective is cosmetology class, where at the end of the school year he can get his state cosmetology license.

“I like seeing how hairstyles are on people, you know my hairstyle’s important to me, keep the cut looking fresh all the time,” Robinson said.

When it comes to Robinson’s drive for what he does, both in the cosmetology classroom and in the community, it all stems from one simple philosophy.

“It means a lot to do great things for people, especially when a lot of people don’t have a lot,” he said.

And he’s able to do those things right in class. The cosmetology program gives back to the McKeesport community - providing haircuts, manicures and more to local hospitals and nursing homes.

“They’ll come in, you know, ‘hey how are you? I’m Aundre.’ When you’re in there really you’re sick, or you have some type of problem so it’s good to put a smile on people’s faces,” he said.

But those smiles were put on pause when the pandemic hit. The school salon turned off its lights, sports were put on hold, and students were sent home. The school district was struggling getting remote learning equipment for all of the kids. And the entire community needed a boost.

But last Friday morning, they got a big surprise from and you saw it happen live on channel 11 during the today show. Every student, every teacher is going to get a free dell laptop computer and free internet access for one year.

"It’s just that people care about McKeesport, "Robinson said. “Around otherwise we don’t know about us they just think of us as the hood, just ghetto and all that. And just letting people see how much people care about the kids and it brings a better name to us.”

On the football field, and in the classroom, Aundre is doing just that and plans to carry what he’s learning now with him long into the future.

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