• Kovacevic: Huntington rolls his people under the bus … from afar ☕

    By: Dejan Kovacevic


    ST. LOUIS - Fire everyone.

    "Changes are needed," Neal Huntington had the nerve to suggest early Sunday afternoon, presumably from a bunker beneath Federal Street back in Pittsburgh since he couldn't be bothered to accompany the team he built on this six-game trip. The audio that was shipped to the surface came via his weekly radio show on 93.7 The Fan, in which he's interviewed by team-employed announcer Greg Brown, but at no point was it brought up why he wasn't here. Or where he was.

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    Or, for that matter, what could possibly have been the priority on his agenda over these Pirates being buried within one of the worst sustained stretches in the franchise's 133-year history, an eight-game losing streak on top of a 4-24 free fall since the All-Star break, this after Josh Bell's two home runs were blown-up big-time by bad defense, bad pitching by Kyle Crick, a bad decision by Clint Hurdle and a 11-9 loss to the Cardinals at Busch Stadium that might have been the baddest of them all.



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