Pirates brace for unusual offseason, including keeping ‘door cracked’ for Archer

PITTSBURGH — Following the 2019-2020 offseason where Major League Baseball teams signed players to a record number of big contracts, this winter is looking to be much, much quieter.

The COVID-19 pandemic is mostly to blame for that, as teams have been trying to shed costs after going through their regular seasons without fans in the stands.

“I think every team was impacted,” Ben Cherington was saying Monday. “The Pirates were certainly one of those that were impacted. Every team is probably likely to continue to be impacted, in all likelihood, going into 2021. We just don’t know yet what that means in terms of not only what our payroll looks like for 2021, but also what opportunities will come our way and be there for us this offseason. We just don’t know yet. We need some more time.”

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