Union to receive MLB season proposal ‘early next week’

Union to receive MLB season proposal ‘early next week’

If we're getting a Major League Baseball season in 2020, we're getting it soon. There's just no other way around this. Per ESPN's Jeff Passan, "The long-awaited proposal from MLB on an economic plan for this year will be sent to the union early next week."

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As MLB and the MLB Players Association continue to work back and forth on a deal to get baseball back in 2020, one major snag persists:

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Money. That’s what it’s all about, because what else would it be about?

Per Passan, “the short- and long-term futures of the sport ride on [a 2020 deal].” Funny how that works. They don’t figure out the money now, and the problem will only grow later. But if we’re getting big-league baseball back — fans or not — in 2020, the players and the owners have to find a middle ground that suits them.

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