Fewer prime-time games could help Steelers

Fewer prime-time games could help Steelers
(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

One of the most overlooked parts of looking at an NFL team's schedule is taking into account how many prime-time games a team has, as well as where and when those games occur.

There was some surprise when the Steelers were allotted only four prime-time games when the schedule was released two weeks ago. NFL teams are capped at having five scheduled prime-time games, and as one of the premier franchises in the league, the Steelers typically get that many.

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But having just four this season could be a blessing.

While the Steelers have the NFL’s second-easiest schedule based on last year’s finishes, when they play some of their prime time games isn’t exactly helpful. The schedule already includes a relatively easy travel slate. Fewer prime time games, particularly on the road, can only help.

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