Steelers fan finishes incredible tattoo after 5 years

A Michigan police officer took five years to complete a stunningly elaborate tribute to his beloved Steelers with the help of a famed Pittsburgh tattoo artist.

Scott Wolfe, a former Navy SEAL, showed off his full-sleeve tattoo on social media Thursday, courtesy of Sarah Miller, owner of Wyld Chyld Tattoo Pittsburgh.

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She said Wolfe is “the most die hard Steeler fan you could meet!”

The tattoo, which wraps all the way around Wolfe’s left arm, from wrist to shoulder, features images of iconic Steelers players set against a football field background.


Among the stars: center Mike Webster, running backs Franco Harris (making the immaculate Reception, no less) and Jerome Bettis, quarterbacks Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger, linebacker Kevin Greene and Joe Greene, and wide receiver Lynn Swann.

Miller, the second season runner-up on the "Ink Master" TV show, said the tattoo took five years to complete in part because Wolfe lives so far away and her busy schedule.