Tomlin: Antonio Brown 'difficult to communicate with' ahead of Sunday's game

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PITTSBURGH — It's been a tumultuous week for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

First, Pittsburgh was eliminated from the playoffs, then reports surfaced about wide receiver Antonio Brown wanting to be traded.

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Head coach Mike Tomlin addressed Brown's absence during Sunday's game at his year-end news conference Wednesday.

Tomlin said that Brown had expressed feeling some soreness last week.

Tomlin said he sent Brown to get an MRI on Friday, but Brown skipped the MR.

Brown missed the last game of the season due to the injury and a lack of information, Tomlin said.

Tomlin has not talked with Brown since before Sunday's game but says the situation will be addressed.


The drama with Brown grew on Tuesday when Jason La Canfora reported that Brown asked to be traded because Tomlin is "too aligned" with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. La Canfora tweeted Wednesday that he stands by his report.

As Tomlin addressed the media Wednesday, Brown posted his own message on social media.

“Happy New Year. Be great,” Brown tweeted, along with a photo that included the following quote:

"My options may seem limited by people or circumstances. It is then that I remind myself I am in command of my attitude. I am divinely blessed with free will. I utilize that gift, choosing to take charge of my life; to express the creativity, vitality, and wholeness that truly defined me."

Regarding any disagreement between Roethlisberger and Brown, Roethlisberger denied the characterization, saying on his Tuesday radio show he wants Brown to come back next season.

Tomlin said during his news conference that he is not aware of any disagreement between Brown and Roethlisberger.