Source: Crosby seeing core specialist in Philly

Source: Crosby seeing core specialist in Philly

PITTSBURGH — Sidney Crosby is seeing a core specialist in Philadelphia to examine the injury he sustained Saturday night, a firsthand source informed

The Penguins' captain visited the specialist Monday, accompanied by team physician Dr. Dharmesh Vyas, at the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia, which, according to its website, focuses on injuries to athletes in the core area.

Per the site: "Tens of thousands of athletes of all skill levels have sought relief from pain stemming from core injuries at The Vincera Institute. Pain that ranges from nagging to debilitating, pain that effects performance, range of motion, ability to play at 100% or in some cases to lead a normal life and complete every day tasks. Regularly mistaken for 'sports hernias' or 'groin pulls,' core injuries often go untreated or misdiagnosed."

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