Penguins Jake Guentzel talks about death of George Floyd

In a Wednesday afternoon conference call, Penguins forward Jake Guentzel called the death of George Floyd “disturbing,” and because of Guentzel’s Minnesota roots, he says the tragedy was “even more disheartening.“

Guentzel said his heart ached over the killing of Floyd.

“I’m ashamed that racism still exists to this day, so my eyes have definitely been opened and I‘m definitely committed to educating myself and making a difference out there,” he said.

Guentzel is also comfortable that so many NHL players have taken a stand against racism.

“It’s nice to see that when people have platforms, they’re using it to speak out," he said. "Obviously we know that it (racism) needs to end. People are just learning and educating that we need to take action for it now.”

Guentzel has been off the ice since he suffered a shoulder injury in December.