• Stanley Cup makes stop at Channel 11 as Pens seek three-peat


    The Stanley Cup is in familiar territory Tuesday -- Pittsburgh! And it made an appearance at Channel 11 News.

    PHOTOS: Stanley Cup makes appearance at Channel 11

    As the Penguins’ road to a three-peat continues, the Keeper of the Cup, Howie Borrow, made a stop with Lord Stanley’s Cup at our studios, chatting with Katherine Amenta and Joe Arena during Channel 11 Morning News.

    So, what’s the policy on touching the Cup? Will it jinx the Penguins if fans touch it?

    “It’s up to the individual. Everybody has their own superstitions, but if you want to touch the Cup, you’re more than welcome to,” Borrow said.

    The Stanley Cup has a lot of miles on it, being on the road about 350 days a year.

    Some of that time -- as Pittsburghers are well aware -- is spent with the winning team’s players, coaches, owners and other contributors. The rest of the time, it is with the NHL at various events.

    The Cup has seen a lot over the years.

    “It’s just the way the players celebrate with it. They’ve taken it golfing, fishing and there’s been babies in the bowl. They eat out of it, drink out of it … so it’s pretty fun,” Borrow said.

    Maintaining the Cup includes the removal of a ring every 13 years so the trophy does not become too big.




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