Ones to Watch: Sydni McLaughlin, track and field

Sydni McLaughlin just made history, but she’s hoping to make more — to do something no woman has ever done.

In the Olympic trials last month, McLaughlin ran the 400 meter hurdles in 51.9 seconds, the first woman to break 52 seconds.

McLaughlin was the youngest member of the track-and-field team during the 2016 Olympics.

This time she’s older, at 21 years old.

“There’s so much pressure, there’s so much noise, there’s so much expectation, but really being able to make sure I’m focusing on what’s important, which is me and my coach and what we’re trying to accomplish, definitely alleviates the outside noise,” McLaughlin said.

Her biggest competition may come from her teammate, Delilah Muhammad. Muhammad was considered the front-runner for the gold medal, but she battled COVID-19 and a hamstring injury this year.