Plum native hopes to win gold as part of Team USA baseball

PLUM, Pa. — Emotion mixed with pride. The McGough family in Plum is beyond excited as the U.S. Baseball Team starts its quest for a gold medal in Tokyo. That’s because their son is a member of the team.

Lucy and Tom McGough’s son Scott is a pitcher wearing the red, white and blue.

“This was something new, something that I don’t believe that we really had anticipated. And so he was excited about it,” Lucy McGough said. “But he’s a very humble man. And so we prayed and he was very grateful for this blessing.”

The McGoughs said hearing their son’s name called as an Olympian was a feeling that’s indescribable.

“The feeling you have as a mom. That’s a kid. That’s your baby,” Lucy said. “So I’m just excited for him to have this experience. And I’m so proud of him.”

The McGoughs and their two sons made their home in Plum. Sports and competition were a way of life in their house.

“Both of the boys have a really good mindset. And that’s really a key component for an athlete — not just having the physical ability, but having the mindset to be able to perform under pressure,” Tom McGough said.

Tom McGough would know. He played in the Major Leagues in the 1980′s. He showed Scott and his brother the importance of hard work.

“If you practice the hour and a half to two hours after school, you’ll be at the same level as everybody else that’s playing high school baseball, it’s the additional practice, it’s the additional workout that is going to make you better, allow you to excel,” Tom McGough said.

The McGough boys did just that. Scott graduated from Plum, played at the University of Oregon and then the Major Leagues. He currently plays for a professional team in Tokyo.

The McGough family said they are used to watching his games in the early morning, and now are excited for the Pittsburgh area to join them and cheer on Scott and Team USA.

“The sincere happiness of our neighbors, everybody has told us Scottie stories. They said, I remember this, I remember that, and everybody is just so kind and gracious. And it’s really appreciated,” Tom McGough said.