Pirates appreciate they’re facing ‘a serious deal’

Pirates appreciate they’re facing ‘a serious deal’
Josh Bell answering questions Thursday. (Alex Stumpf)

BRADENTON, Fla. — Two outs. Bottom of the ninth. Tying run at the plate. Blue Jays reliever Kirby Snead delivers a fastball, and Phillip Evans struck out looking. The Pirates lose, prompting some boos and whistles from the crowd.

Then LECOM Park PA man, Mike Collins, made the announcement: “Fans, if we can have your attention please. As you may have heard, Major League Baseball has suspended the remaining of the spring training season.”

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Again, another round of boos, though this one more half-hearted than the first. The news had been circulating for a bit, and it was mostly expected coming into the day.

The league is following suit with the NBA, NHL, NCAA and MLS, who have all suspended their seasons over the past 24 hours due to the nationwide outbreak of COVID-19.

Sporting events impacted by the Coronavirus