This high school is using new technology to make their football team safer

GIBSONIA, Pa. — High school football programs here and across the country are looking for ways to increase their competitive advantage. At Pine Richland High School, the Rams are adapting to a new piece of technology that doesn’t just make practice more seamless, it makes it safer.

The team uses the technology to simulate the matchup with the next week’s opponent.  They say it’s out with the old, and in with the new.

“Old school football, you draw up a card, you get in the huddle and you look at the card, and then it’s OK, ready break and we go out and run the play,” said head coach Eric Kasperowicz.

It’s called the GoRout, and it’s about the size of an iPhone. The scout team straps it on their waist, and when the team goes to the line, one of the coaches calls up a play on their phone or iPad and sends it to each individual player’s device.

“Now it’s all right there on the little mini GoRout device. They look at it, it tells them the play exactly, what to do where to line up, how to do it,” said Kasperowicz. “Run the play, go back to your spot. Look at the thing and if you need to move you move,  run the next play and you keep it going. It’s awesome.”

“So I pick QB and it tells me exactly what to do.  (Coach) can put note in, he can tell me where to throw, what to run and what to do,” Boyd said.

Players and coaches all told Channel 11 Sports Anchor Jenna Harner that the device is a game-changer.

“The pace of our scout team offensive practice just goes about twice as fast as it was before,” Boyd said.

“You might get six or seven plays in a five-minute period. Now we’re getting 17 plays in that five-minute period,” Kasperowicz added.

The GoRout provides more than just increased efficiency during practice. It eliminates the need for a huddle, allowing players to social distance.

Kasperowicz said with the success it’s bringing his team, the sky is the limit.

"Now it’s right there. There’s no miscommunication. It’s one of the best things we’ve done in a long time.