Double dose of tropical storms headed for Gulf of Mexico

Double dose of tropical storms headed for Gulf of Mexico

PITTSBURGH — A double dose of tropical trouble may be headed into the Gulf of Mexico next week -- two landfalling hurricanes less than 48 hours apart is possible this week.

The latest track puts both of those landfalls in Louisiana. People from Texas to Florida will be watching the development and eventual track of two the tropical systems.

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Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical Storm Marco are expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico in the coming days, but there is still a lot of uncertainty as to the strength of the storms. Currently, both storms are forecast to become Category 1 hurricanes with winds of 75-90 miles per hour.

If both storms strengthen and make landfall, it would be an unusual meteorological event.

According to Colorado State University tropical scientist Phil Klotzbach, two sequential mainland U.S. hurricane landfalls have only been recorded one other time. On Sept. 5, 1933, a Category 3 storm made landfall near Brownsville, Texas, just as a tropical storm came ashore in Florida.

Stay with Severe Weather Team 11 through the weekend as we track this unusual weather event.

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