• Baby thrown from crib when SUV slams into Baldwin home


    BALDWIN, Pa. - An SUV slid off an icy road Wednesday morning in Baldwin and slammed into a house.

    “It’s unbelievable. The car was inside the house,” said homeowner Kathy Laboon.

    She and her husband rent the home on Curry Road to a young family, including a baby who was thrown from his crib by the impact.

    “The crib was up against that wall that got pushed and the baby came out of the crib,” Laboon said. The child and the driver were not hurt.

    Laboon told Channel 11 News that the house was knocked 6 inches off its foundation, and an inspector said no one can live in the home until necessary repairs are made.

    Even though the house is close to the road, there are no curves in the area. It appears that icy conditions caused the accident.

    “I think it was just how bad the roads were this morning for (the driver) to lose control,” Laboon said. 



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