Hopewell Area High School: Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'


Hopewell Area High School will perform Disney's "Beauty and the Beast” this year.

 Show Dates:

March 21, 2014 -- 7:30pm
March 22, 2014 – 7:30pm
March 23, 2014 – 3:00pm


Tickets are $6 for students/seniors and $8 for adults.

For reservations, please call 724.777.6441 or limited seats available at the door.

Reserved tickets are only held up to 30 minutes before each performance; tickets not picked up at that time will be released for sale.

Cast List:

 Belle                                        Kianna Skal

The Beast                                Adam Speers

Gaston                                     Alex Barna

Lefou                                      Derik Hansen

Maurice                                   Ben Goodwald

Lumiere                                   Danny Watts

Cogsworth                              Ian Skal

Mrs. Potts                                Alaina Stroud

Babette                                                Brianna Minnick

Chip                                        Emily Seretti

Madame De La Grande Bouche         Alisha Zanath

Silly Girls                                Amanda Alexander

                                                Hanna Spinosi

                                                Sarah Vander Wagen

Monseiur D’Arque                  Donald Sanders

Gaston’s Cronies                     Jake Wieland

                                                Shawn Savage

Narrator                                   Malkyah Bailey

Young Prince                          Steffan Caplinger

Old Beggar Woman                Lauren Zawatski

Aristocratic Lady                    Lindsey Vander Wagen

Fish Man                                 Ryan Cripe

Egg Man                                 Elijah Sklack

Sausage Curl Girl                    Malkyah Bailey

Baker                                       Shawn Savage

Lady with Cane                                  Laura Butts

Lady with Baby                                  Kelsey Wertz

Candle Man                            Tanner McMakin

Hat Seller                                Vanessa Gennaro

Milkmaid                                 Lauren Zawatski

Shepherd Boy                         Christopher Wilfong

Bookseller                               Donald Sanders


Dance Ensemble (Wolves, Napkins)

Amanda Alexander, Hannah Barkman, Carly Belich, Victoria Likovich, Alexis Ozimok, Hanna Spinosi, Nicolette Stroud, Sarah Vander Wagen


Ensemble (Townspeople, Servants)

Malkyah Bailey, Breanna Behrle, Hope Bowden, Megan Canning, James Caplinger, Steffan Caplinger, Gillian Carr, Rachael Cicone, Ryan Cripe, Ellen Davis, Abby Edwards, Jennah Ellis, Deanna Fiejdasz, Vanessa Gennaro, Ganina Gonzalez, Jenelle Hobbs, Sadie Houston, Jessica Hughes, Emily Hunter, Kaylin Kearns, Marlee Kerlin, Carinna Lapson, Abby Lloyd, Rebecca Lloyd, Tanner McMakin, Darby Ryan, Shawn Savage, Jillian Skal, Elijah Sklack, Brian Standfest, Lindsey Vander Wagen, Sarah Walker, Liam Watters, Megan Welsh, Kelsey Wertz, Jake Wieland, Christopher Wilfong, Lauren Zawatski, Riana Zimmel, Isabella Zuccaro