• Family says newborn hit by stray hunter's bullet will be blind


    PITTSBURGH - On Tuesday night, Channel 11 spoke with the great-aunt of a newborn baby hit by a hunter’s stray bullet in Indiana County.

    Shayne Iverson was just 5 days old when he was hit by the bullet in his Saltsburg home as he was being cradled by his father.

    “That was the worst phone call I ever got in my life,” said the baby’s great-aunt, Beth Sinclair.

    Doctors said the bullet went through his head and came out his eye socket.

    “He will be blind.  His eye actually saved his life because the bullet hit that instead of his brain,” said Sinclair.

    Shayne is in critical condition.  He’s stable but will have a very long road ahead.

    “They’re watching the swelling right now on his brain,” said Sinclair.

    The Shayne Iverson Fund has been set up to help.  Donations can be made at any S&T Bank.

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