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Bishop Zubik not happy with Obama's birth control policy



PITTSBURGH,None - Bishop David Zubik is not happy with President Barack Obama’s announced compromise on his controversial birth control policy.

“He announced what they’re calling a compromise,” Zubik said. “I still believe that’s a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.”

The White House had proposed that religious employers like charities and hospitals would be forced to provide birth control to workers free of charge.

After backlash from the Catholic Church and Republicans, Obama said Friday that insurance companies would instead be required to offer free coverage.

Zubik said the plan doesn’t fix anything and still violates the church’s ban on contraceptives.

“My concern is that insurance people are going to have to pay for it and they’re not going to require religious institutions to pay for it,” Zubik said. “I simply hope the president repeals the mandate.”

Story: Obama adjusts birth control policy after protests