Bogus Burger King? Customers say South Side restaurant isn't the real deal


PITTSBURGH - The sign outside a South Side restaurant says Burger King, but Channel 11 reporter Timyka Artist reports that inside it’s not the real deal.


Artist talked to a customer who said the food didn’t taste like Burger King during her recent visit.

“The food was in a brown paper bag.  The fries were in a Dixie cup.  I said. ‘What is this?’” said Montanya Crosby.

People have been posting questions about the restaurant of

Customers claim the food has tasted different for about a week.

Artist went in the restaurant to get answers from management.  Artist and her photographer were asked to leave by a security guard.

Eventually, Artist said an assistant manager explained they’re in the process of transitioning to a new business called South Side Burgers.  It’s even on the receipts.

Customers insist they were not informed about the transition.

“They need to make it known it’s not a Burger King,” said Crobsy.

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