• Boyfriend talks about saving girlfriend, her daughter from Coraopolis fire


    CORAOPOLIS, Pa. - A man’s brave actions saved his girlfriend and her young daughter from a fire in Coraopolis.

    Quentin Parker was treated at UPMC Mercy Hospital for burns he got in last week’s fire. 

    On Monday, Channel 11 talked to Parker for the first time since the blaze.

    “Nothing’s going to stop me from getting upstairs.  I got a couple minor burns, but if I have to get burned to save them, then that’s what would happen,” said Parker.

    Parker woke up on a downstairs couch to intense heat only to realize his home was on fire.

    Ashley Robinson and her 4-year-old daughter were sound asleep in their bedrooms as flames tore through the home.  Parker rushed to wake them up.

    “I know for a fact we wouldn’t have made it out alive,” said Robinson.

    One of two dogs also made it out alive.

    Robinson had a hard time explaining to her daughter what happened to their dog, Bia.

    “I told her, ‘Mommy had to make a really hard decision.  You needed a mommy more than a dog,'” said Robinson.

    Robinson said she thought about going back in to save Bia. The family’s dog Lexi survived. 



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