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City: 20 percent of Pittsburgh surveillance cameras out of service



PITTSBURGH - On Wednesday, Channel 11 looked into why surveillance cameras in Pittsburgh are out of service.

“They are good for if something happens, an accident or something.  And, they are just good for the overall security of the community,” said Hill District resident Robert Thomas.

Twenty percent of the cameras installed by a company called Avrio aren’t working properly.

For safety reasons, the city hasn’t said how many cameras are installed and where.

For an unknown reason, the bill wasn’t paid during the final months of the previous mayor’s administration, Channel 11's Vince Sims reported.

Residents hope the bill is paid soon, and the cameras start working again.

City Council passed a preliminary vote to pay the unpaid bill.  Council is expected to do a final vote next week, and with the mayor’s signature, maintenance can move forward soon.