Elderly woman injured fighting off attacker in Carrick


CARRICK, Pa. - Police are looking for a man who assaulted an elderly woman and tried to steal her purse Monday afternoon in Carrick.

The woman’s daughter, JoAnne Conte, told Channel 11’s Jodine Costanzo that her 83-year-old mother was walking to her doctor’s office after parking her car when she was attacked on Brownsville Road.

According to Conte, her mother fought back and tried to keep the man from stealing her purse. She lost her balance during the incident and hit her head on a pole as she tried to grab onto it.

Conte’s mother was taken to an area hospital with a cut to her head and an injured arm. She received six stitches for the cut on her head.

“She said to the people in the hospital, ‘I’m 83, and I never had a stitch,’” said Conte.

Police haven’t released a description of the attacker, who was scared off when someone blew their car horn.

“I just want him arrested so he doesn’t do this to anyone else,” said Conte.

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