• Escaped teens found hiding in shower 16 miles from detention center

    TITUSVILLE, Pa. (AP) (AP)ong> - Police said two teens who escaped from a juvenile detention center in northwestern Pennsylvania were found hiding in the shower of a residence several miles away.

    According to police, a Titusville resident reported "unwanted subjects" in their house Tuesday evening.

    Officers responded and found the teens hiding behind a shower curtain and arrested one, but had to chase the other who ran away. That teen was found hiding under a parked vehicle a short distance away.

    Authorities aren't identifying the teens because they're charged in juvenile court with defiant trespass, simple trespass and giving false identification to police.

    Police determined the teens had escaped from Pathways Adolescent Center in Oil City. That's about 70 miles north of Pittsburgh and some 16 miles south of Titusville, where they were captured. 

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