• Fox that attacked 7-year-old boy tests positive for rabies


    KISKI, Pa. - Fox that attacked 7-year-old boy tests positive for rabies

    A fox that attacked a young boy in Armstrong County has tested positive for rabies.

    Steve Peace told Channel 11’s Brandon Hudson that the rabid red fox bit his 7-year-old son, Blaze, in the leg while he was outside his Blacks Hollow Road home in Kiski Township on Monday.

    Peace said his son was calling for the family cat which was being chased by the fox.

    "As soon as he hollered, he called for the cat to run, and instead of the fox chasing the cat, he says it jumped off the ground, bit into him; he took it in the house on the back of his leg," said Peace.

    Peace said his wife kicked the fox off her son’s leg and that is when he grabbed his rifle.

    "I had to get within two feet of it to actually shoot it," said Peace.

    Days later, Peace said the Health Department told him the fox was rabid and that the entire family needed to get rabies shots.

    "I got six shots: one in the arm and five in the rear end," said Peace.

    As for the family’s living room where the fox was shot, Peace said he burned the furniture, but the Health Department told Peace it was OK to stay at the house.

    The family’s pets may be quarantined.

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