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Judge shuts down Christian Financial



PITTSBURGH - There are more problems for Christian Financial Management. Caregivers haven't been paid again, and now the court has stepped in. Target 11 Consumer Investigator Robin Taylor has been following this story since August and has the latest developments.

Over the summer, home health aides for the elderly and disabled went for months without getting a paycheck, and now the company is being sued as part of a class-action lawsuit.

On Dec. 7,  a judge ordered the company into receivership. That means Christian Financial has stopped all payroll until everything is sorted out.

In the meantime, home health aides throughout Western Pennsylvania aren't getting their paychecks.

One woman drove four hours to Christian Financial's office on Vinial Street in Pittsburgh to find out what was going on. She's missing four paychecks.

"We are waiting weeks and months for paychecks, and they are now telling us we are not going to get them. I for one am not leaving this office without it," said Tandra Banks, a home health aide who is owed $1,500.

The company processes payroll for caregivers with money that comes from the state welfare department.

Christian Financial's lawyer, Rolf Patberg, says there's nothing he can do.

"I understand where you're coming from. It's a difficult situation, particularly during the holidays, and I feel for you," said Patberg.

The good news for caretakers is that starting next week, Christian Financial will be out of the picture. A new company is taking over payroll processing on Sunday, and Public Partnerships LLC has a much better track record.

For payroll questions about transferring to the new company, consumers can call the Office of Long Term Living at 877-908-1750 or the Office of Developmental Programs at 877-634-6805. Public Partnerships will begin time-sheet collections on Dec. 16.