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Man accidentally shoots self during road rage confrontation in Upper Burrell Twp.



UPPER BURRELL TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Authorities in Westmoreland County said a man involved in a road rage incident accidentally shot himself Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, as a man walked toward another car to confront the driver, the driver accidentally shot himself in the leg.

Upper Burrell Township Police Chief Kenneth Pate said the incident started on Greensburg Road when one driver was allegedly tailgating the other.

Pate said the cars pulled over and stopped on Old Greensburg Road, and that’s when the 46-year-old man shot himself.

Authorities said the other driver told the victim, “serves you right,” and left the scene. He’s not facing any charges, but police would still like to talk with him.

“I spoke with the guy who shot himself and I kind of recommended he go for some training on how to carry a firearm,” Pate said. “Sure, the Constitution guarantees the right to carry one, but it doesn't guarantee you the right to use one."

Officials said the man who shot himself has a permit to carry a gun and also is not facing any charges.

The victim’s name and condition have not been released.